Clay Block-O – Cooler Fete

Event details

  • Wednesday | February 7, 2018
  • 8:00 pm - 2:00 am


Clay resurrected a long-aged tradition in 2015 by bringing back a true Trini classic and most loved gathering… Blocko. An immediate success outside of J’ouvert, fusing Clay’s signature immersive design of space seen with Afterlight and The Original Blocko. We recreated an old 1970’s Port of Spain Backyard Era.

In 2018, we are bringing this success to Carnival by giving people a taste of The Original Blocko, Carnival Cooler Style! Get ready to enjoy the sounds of Live Performers, top Djs and an out of this world Rhythm Section!

This event promises to capture the ‘Essence’ which Clay has brought in the past, which Clay is well known and admired for. The only difference this time, it’s a Cooler Party. No motivation to lug a cooler? Well, we’ve heard your plea… Clay has partnered with Bryden’s Naughty Grape to provide the ultimate Cooler Zone. This now gives guests the option to purchase a variety of different Cooler Packages containing Alcohol, Chasers, Ice and Coolers from within the event!

This is an exclusive event, limited tickets available only through Clay’s Network or directly from our Box Office.

Clay Blocko Carnival Cooler…  the latest addition to the CLAY family of events. Be a part of it

Tickets Available from:

Clay Box Office #7 Long Circular Road, St. James

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Akil Williams 760-0444

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