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Road March campaign continues

Nigel Telesford

THE 2018 Road March title is still up for grabs if one were to judge from the reactions of the crowd assembled at the annual Army Fete last Friday night.

The fete attracted thousands to the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, and the Road March contenders all put in their bids for theĀ title during theirĀ performances.

Patrice Roberts and Iwer George vaulted the fence and went into the heart of the crowd in order to ‘feel’ and immerse’ themselves in the energy of the masses, while Blaxx (Dexter Stewart) and Machel Montano remained on stage and let their respective props and collaborators do the extra work.

George upped the ante on his bid by announcing to the gathering that since Montano had brought in SuperBlue to defeat Roberts, he was bringing in his own secret weapon in the form of comedian Sunny Bling (Kerron Sealy).

‘For The People’.

Sealy’s hilarious antics and lyrics about getting doubles and corn soup ‘in de Savannah’ added a humorous edge to the race.

The 2017 winners The Ultimate Rejects also put a humorous spin on their campaign, as they released the sixth song last Monday, entitled

Their catchy late entry not only warns the people to beware of competition-fixing conspirators but also advises DJs of their responsibility to play what the people want on the road and at the judging points come Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Interestingly, this new song also states emphatically in the chorus that MX Prime and company ‘doh wha no Road March’ or monarch titles because they do what they do ‘for the people’.

The night’s winner

Perhaps due to the savannah location, George received the biggest crowd response during his performance, and because it came at the end of The Asylum Vikings’ set, it appeared to drain most of the crowd’s energy.

Taking the stage 30 minutes later, Montano struggled to connect with the masses afterward and even asked at one point: ‘What allyuh want again? Ah give allyuh Road March, ah give allyuh Soca Monarch? What more allyuh want?’

SuperBlue’s appearance on stage to close the set tipped the scales back in favour of the ‘Soca Kingdom’, but George still remained the clear victor on the night.

George and Montano’s antics placed Kes the Band, in the closing seat, with limited time remaining, which made the popular ‘Hello’ song also serve as a goodbye and the event ended abruptly at 5 a.m.

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