Diz-We-Land, a Trini-theme park

Kimoy Leon Sing


In our society, the media has come under heavy criticism for focusing on bad news rather than uplifting stories. However all is not lost.  There are men, women and children, which do amazing things every day to make Trinidad and Tobago a better place. They may not wear a mask and a cape like superheroes on television, but their astonishing deeds have not gone unnoticed.

Radio personality, Keron “Tim Tim” Boodosingh will launch a patriotic theme park event called Diz-We-Land, which celebrates local culture and the environment.

The event takes place January 21 at Skinner’s Park San Fernando. Tickets cost $150, and covers entry for one parent and one child. General admission $50.

Boodoosingh having previously been responsible for a number of high profile entertainment events, felt it was important to create a family-friendly event to foster positivity and patriotism.

He hopes that this action will act like a catalyst to inspire others to do great deeds themselves.

He noted, Diz-We-Land, aims to inspire a new sense of excitement and appreciation in children for their country, but to boost the spirits of the entire national community.

“These days any kind of relieve people can get as long as it is a positive relief, I think we need that. Trinidad and Tobago is such an incredible country, rich in culture and sights that blow our visitors away. We may be going through a difficult time right now, but we still have so much to be proud of. I want to remind people of that, to take them away from their daily stress and give them a day of excitement, imagination, and pure joy,” Boodoosingh said.

Diz-We-Land is an idea, Boodoosingh has been toying with for the past six years.

He said, “I find I was really procrastinating with this idea, and I knew I had to do something about it.”

Not wanting to rush things and create an inferior product, Boodoosingh said he got a lot of the elements he needed to make the patriotic theme play park an exceptional experience.

He said, “All of the elements I needed for it was confirmed last year, and I said to myself now (2018) was the time to do it.”

Boodoosingh noted, if you grew up watching Disney’s Winnie the Pooh at Diz-We-Land there is a Trini ‘D’ Pooh. The story around this fictional bear is that he left his home in the States to come vacation in Trinidad and Tobago. He fell in love with the country and the curry, and the rest as they say is history.

Diz-We-Land is fun for the whole family and will feature games, rides, characters, and appearances by popular soca stars, amidst Trinidad and Tobago-themed attractions such as the Nylon Pools jumbo wet zone, the Scarlet Ibis water slides, and the Magnificent 7 bouncy castles. The event will also highlight Trinidad and Tobago’s Mountain Ranges, and will feature an attraction based on the country’s highest mountain peak, El Cerro del Aripo, San Fernando Hill, and more. In addition, patrons will enjoy storytelling, a magic show, a puppet show, and many other activities in a fun, secure environment.

Tickets are available at Devs barbershop, Coceyea and at all Cache outlets.

Tickets are also available online at www.suntixx.com


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    Francis says

    Thank Kimoy wonderfully written and congrats Tim Tim on your positivity..keep reaching for the stars we need more people like you around us today..great work and am sure the response will be tremendous.

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