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Doh Jumbie Meh

Singer/Songwriter, Jumaane ‘Juby’ Cox says his New Year’s resolution is to finally stamp his name as a serious contender in the music and entertainment industry.

Though he has flirted with the idea of becoming a full-time entertainer, Cox says it was only this year he made the bold move and decided to embrace his passion and do music full-time.

He said, “I know trying to do this profession part-time was not enough. I knew if I wanted to really hone my craft and make the kind of lasting impact, I had to truly give it my all.”

Cox has released two new songs for Carnival 2018 titled “I Wanna Know” and “Doh Jumbie Meh”.

Produced by Red Chariot and co-mixed by Millbeatz Entertainment, Cox wrote “I Wanna Know” and collaborated with Kernal Roberts to write “Doh Jumbie Meh”.

“Doh Jumbie Meh” was produced by Roberts and Aviqwe Kellar.

He said, “This year is not about negativity. I want to instil happiness in others with my music.”

The soca industry is a highly competitive field, and more often than not people do not make it

Despite the challenges that comes with pursuing a career in entertainment, Cox says to be great you must seek and surround yourself with greatness.

For Cox, he enjoys entertaining others. Whether it be, storytelling, performing, telling jokes or amateur dance moves, Cox sought every opportunity to showcase his talent.

Cox has been singing professionally for the past seven years, and to date has been a finalist in Junior Soca Monarch, a NJAC finalist as well as many other corporate competitions. He has also gotten the opportunity to perform at several major stage shows within the region.

Cox’s passion for music and culture he credits to his father, Denis “Lasana” Cox.

He said, “It was his support and encouragement, which bolstered in me a greater appreciation for the arts.”

Cox’s musical career reflects a vintage vibe mixed in with storytelling. He appeals to real life scenarios when writing music and interacting with peers on a daily basis. Through his ever changing musical offerings, Cox works on his mission of promoting soca and calypso music to various parts of the globe.

Some of Cox previous singles include: Visa Face, Inside and My Craving.

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